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Gas boiler servicing – more than just a “poke-and-go” with Mugleston’s Plumbing & Heating.

There are some companies out there who seem to think that a boiler service consists of little more than a quick combustion performance test with a flue gas analyser.  I’ve lost count of the number of people who have said to me “nobody has ever done that before” when seeing me service a boiler for the first time – often this reaction is simply to me removing the casing to access the internals!  

You wouldn’t be happy if you took your car to the garage for a service, and all they did was test the exhaust gases and gave you the keys back 5 minutes later with an invoice for £90, so why do people accept this with boiler servicing?

At Mugleston’s Plumbing & Heating, I offer a full boiler service, which is tailored to each individual boiler.  This usually follows the manufacturer’s instructions where available, although where experience has shown that boiler manufacturer’s instructions are insufficient for thorough and complete maintenance, additional work will be carried out, normally within the cost of my standard service charge.  At the very least, casings are removed, components inspected visually (and, where possible, functionally) for signs of wear or leakage, minor leaks requiring standard replacement washers repaired, electrodes checked and adjusted as required, burners inspected and cleaned, and performance checked.  If required, radiators can be bled and your controls tested for correct operation.

The vast majority of boiler services are covered under my standard charge of £70.00+vat.  There are three notable exceptions to this, as follows:

1) Where a manufacturer specifies a replacement burner gasket upon removing the burner, this gasket will be replaced at additional cost.  I charge extra for this as there is wide price range for a replacement burner gasket (typically £10-£25) and not all boilers require this.

2) If a boiler is not working correctly, it will almost certainly require more than just a service.  Please visit my Breakdowns page or Contact Me to discuss your problem, and to book in for diagnosis and repair.

3) Range Powermax - Click here for more detailed information about the Range Powermax

For more information or to book a boiler service, please contact me.  It is always helpful to have your boiler’s make and model to hand, as well as the approximate last service date, so that I can advise on any special items which might need attention.